The Poolpod Platform 2017-07-12T21:42:15+00:00

The Poolpod platform provides a quick and simple means of swimming pool access. Poolpod can be retrofitted to existing pools and has also become the natural choice for state of the art pools such as the London Aquatics Centre and Tollcross International Swimming Centre, Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games Competition Pool.

  • State of the art access system for a wide range of mobility impairments – designed to provide access for anyone who find it hard to get into and out of the swimming pool.
  • The user independently controls pool access without the need for pool attendant’s intervention.
  • Remote operation for pool attendant assisted pool access.
  • Easily moved away from the poolside for storage during events or when using a secondary entry location.
  • Simple installation process.

The Poolpod is powered by rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for wires installed into the poolside – one fully charged battery allows up to 50 users to get in and out of the pool and has around 1 day standby before recharging.