Poolpod is a submersible swimming pool platform lift which enables people with limited mobility to have independent access to swimming pools. Any swimmer who finds using a pool ladder inappropriate can use Poolpod simply, easily and quickly.


The Poolpod system incorporates three components;


Poolpod platform lift

The unique pivot arm design allows the platform to deploy in a single motion, facilitating operation by just two control switches for raise or lower and providing a large range of vertical movement with a fluid one-stage move. The lift remains level during its deployment phase and is stowed neatly on the side of the pool when not in use. Its robust mechanical design means access to the pool is fast and reliable.

The arms overlap each other in such a way that there is no risk of trapping while touch sensors ensure the safety of other pool users. It takes approximately 10 seconds for the platform to move to its over-pool loading position and a further 10 seconds to lower to a 1m depth.


Submersible wheelchair

Incorporated into the system is a custom designed submersible wheelchair. This allows a wheelchair users to transfer from their own wheelchair to the submersible wheelchair in the privacy of the changing room. They can then move freely around the pool surround, enter the Poolpod and remain seated until they are comfortable with the water depth, offering huge benefits to both comfort and usability.

This element of the design has removed the need for people to make a poolside transfer from a wheelchair into an assistant operated hoist, such hoists are undignified impractical and impossible to use independently.


Wristband hands-free operation of the system

When a customer arrives at a swimming pool who wishes to use the Poolpod, they are given a proximity wristband. The  user then operates the machine by placing their wristband by the descent/ascent controls. This allows users to control the Poolpod’s descent/ ascent from; in the water, from the poolside and on the device. The system allows an individual to adjust the depth to which the Poolpod submerges.