“The benefits from London 2012 were never only about the new venues and infrastructure. Using the power of the Games, we have introduced a step change in making swimming pools more accessible. Through challenging companies to design a better, more independent way of getting people into the water, this excellent new system clearly demonstrates the legacy value ODA has built into all aspects of London 2012, in expanding future sporting and leisure participation and delivering opportunities for jobs and growth to UK-based businesses. I am delighted that the Poolpod can be used in the Aquatics Centre.”
Dennis Hone, Chief Executive of the ODA and Legacy Corporation.
“London 2012 was fantastic for raising awareness of disabled sport and the introduction of the Poolpod will add towards the legacy of the Games by improving access to the water for everyone in a sport I owe so much to.”
“Swimming is one of the best ways of keeping active and it is wonderful to have been able to play a part in the creation of a product that will open up access to pools for people with a range of requirements. Lifts and hoists can often be cumbersome and even off-putting for those wanting to get into the water independently and with minimum fuss. We are confident from trials that the Poolpod is a fantastic piece of British-designed kit that will be seen as a natural option for leisure centres up and down the country.”
John Bryant, Chairman of The London Marathon Charitable Trust.
“Through staging a sensational Paralympic Games we wanted not just to inspire the world but to motivate everyone to get behind ensuring that every disabled person has the same opportunity to access sport and leisure as their able-bodied counterparts. Poolpod clearly delivers in this area, not just accessibility but usability and a smooth, inclusive experience for everyone to enjoy swimming.”
Chris Holmes, Director of Paralympic Integration at the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG)
“The Olympic and Paralympic Games, provide us with the opportunity to take access for disabled people in sports facility to another level, setting precedents that centre around choice, dignity and excellence rather than minimum provision. Access to swimming pools is a prime example of an access issue that has historically presented challenges, and any solution that adequately addresses this must be welcomed and encouraged.”
Sue Catton, National Director of Inclusive Fitness Initiative.
“This is an opportunity for London 2012 to provide the UK design industry with another platform to demonstrate their creativity.It is a challenging brief but I’m confident the UK has the expertise to develop an innovative solution that could potentially benefit disabled swimmers across the world.”
John Armitt, Olympic Delivery Authority Chairman.
“For the London 2012 Aquatic Centre to leave a truly lasting sporting legacy, it must be accessible to everyone. This design competition is an opportunity to innovate and find a design solution that could benefit not only users of the Aquatic Centre but could also be fitted at existing swimming pools across the country.”
Charles Johnston, Sport England's Property Director.